Thursday, April 2, 2015

A few books to read in 2015

Some of these novels will release this year, others have been published in previous year, but are excellent! Happy reading and dreaming this year!

If you’d like to keep up with what books I’m reading throughout the year, check out my good reads page and follow me through my library.

Crochet Mystery Series by Betty Hechtman

This series is fun, easy to read and will definitely make you giggle despite the murders happening in the books. Betty Hechtman has definitely created some fun characters and takes the reader on mini adventures with each novel. I have read all the books in the series, and I will continue to collect them as long as they are published! Did I mention each book includes a crochet pattern?? I must admit, the patterns are a huge treat when you get to the end of the book! The first book in the series is called Hooked on Murder and you’ll get a kick out of Molly Pink’s antics as she is thrown into her first murder investigation with her bestie serving as her Watson and her “crime solving for dummies” book.

For more information on the Crochet Mystery series, visit Betty Hechtmans webpage

Knitting Mystery Series by Maggie Sefton

In keeping with my own love for yarn working this series brings you into the world of Kelly Flynn and her friends at the Lambspun Yarn Shop. These books allow you to escape into Kelly’s world as she is a CPA by day and amateur sleuth by night (sometimes on the weekend). The characters in this series are very relatable and make you feel like you’re hanging out with old friends each time you open one of the books in the series. The first book is called Knit One, Kill Two and does a fantastic job of introducing you to Fort Collins, Colorado.

For more information on the Knitting Mystery series, visit Maggie Seftons webpage

Bibliophile Mystery Series by Kate Carlisle

The Bibliophile Mystery series introduces us to the modern world of bookbinding and repairing, the first book in the series, Homicide in Hardcover, introduces you to Brooklyn Wainwright and the wacky and one of a kind people surrounding her. The way Carlisle describes the beautiful antique books makes any book lover swoon – which is one of the reasons I am recommending this series.

For more information on the Bibliophile Mystery Series, visit Kate Carlisles webpage

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